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As a leading General Dentist in Birmingham, we prevent, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and jaw. It’s our aim to put a stop to any problems before they start. By keeping you in optimum oral health, Reece Associates can prevent the development of serious dental problems that can require costly treatment.


Personal care and attention to your needs

Working closely with your needs and your routines, Reece Associates can help you care for your teeth in the most effective way. With your own personal hygiene plan that may include dental examination, X-rays, tooth cleaning and tooth scaling, as well as use of other diagnostic equipment, such as Caries Screen testing and Oral insights, we will help prevent the disease and decay that can have a detrimental effect on the health of your heart, your digestion and your overall general health, now and in years to come.


Ongoing preventive care

Regular dental health checks with Reece Associates will maintain the health of your teeth, mouth and gums, and ensure complete oral health, hygiene and functionality. If you require any procedures to restore the health and function of your teeth, gums or jaw, we will develop a personal and comprehensive treatment plan to repair the effects of tooth decay, trauma, defect or disease. With our vigilance, you can enjoy exceptional dental health