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Dental Hygiene

Professional oral health care for everyone:

  • Individual care
  • Early detection
  • Targeted treatment
  • Long term tooth
  • Healthy gums
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Dental implants

Our highly qualified, experienced dentists offer the latest materials and techniques to deliver the most appropriate treatment to you. At Everybody Smiles we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of service.

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Corporate Dental Plans

Looking for a great deal on your Corporate Dental Plan?

If you are a company owner or self-employed, the Reece Associates Corporate Dental Plan offers you and your business a distinct range of benefits. As well as taking advantage of all great features of our Adult Gold Plan, you will have the option to include additional employees or dependents under the same direct debit together with the benefit of Tax Relief on your subscriptions as a company or business expense


Flexible care according to the needs of your business

When you opt in to our Corporate Dental Plan, we can guarantee to see your employees outside of standard working hours with appointments until 20:00 on a Thursday night and from 09:00 to 13:00 every third Saturday of the month. In fact, your employees will be prioritized at the times that suit your business.

The Corporate Plans offer you, your family and your employees’ ongoing access to high quality dental care; bringing you outstanding value for money on the cost of appointments and treatment as well as avoiding the expense of time lost at work.