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Dental Hygiene

Professional oral health care for everyone:

  • Individual care
  • Early detection
  • Targeted treatment
  • Long term tooth
  • Healthy gums
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Dental implants

Our highly qualified, experienced dentists offer the latest materials and techniques to deliver the most appropriate treatment to you. At Everybody Smiles we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of service.

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Fees and Payment Plans

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Why Choose Us

  • We are a highly skilled team who are up to date with all of the latest treatments

At Everybody Smiles we pride ourselves at being a highly skilled team. All of the dentists who are part of our team regularly attend training courses in the UK and in America and are always updating their knowledge on the latest treatments. And it’s not just the dentists who attend courses, our nurses and receptionists also regularly attend courses to make sure that we all are completely up to date on the latest techniques, treatments and materials available. So when you visit Everybody Smiles you can be rest assured that you are being treated in a highly skilled environment by a fully understanding team.

  • Specialise in treating nervous patients

A lot of people become very nervous when they even think of the word ‘dentist’ and this could be due to a number of aspects such as traumatic or painful procedures that they have had done in the past. If you are a nervous patient then you can relax in the knowledge that you will have a completely different experience in the way you are treated by our dentists. You will never be rushed or pressured into treatment. We take our time to get to know you and listen carefully to all of your concerns and any fears you may have of the dentist. We have had and excellent success rate in helping nervous patients overcome their fears of their dentist. The friendly team at Everybody Smiles are very empathetic when it comes to nervous patients; we will always make sure that you are nothing less than relaxed and comfortable during your time with us.

  • State of the art practice

We always ensure that we invest in the latest equipment because this in turn enables us to give you the best quality of treatment available.

Some of the examples of the state of the art equipment that we have to offer our patients are an intra oral camera which enables us to take close up detailed photographs of your teeth and the current situation of your mouth. This is an excellent way to show you areas of your mouth that are hard to see with a normal mirror, as well as ourselves  you are also able to see in full view what is happening in your mouth. The other excellent benefit of the intra oral camera is that it enables us to spot any potential problems at the very early stages and treat the problem as necessary. We also have a digital x-ray machine which has great benefits such as a lower radiation dose and no waiting around for your results.

  • Award winning practice

We are very dedicated to making sure that we deliver the best treatments and services possible to you. Over the years we have achieved various awards which are a testament to the work we do.

In 2009 we attended the prestigious Dentistry Awards and we were pleased to win not just the Best Practice in the Midlands but also the Best Practice in UK.

We have also been accredited with the British Dental Association Good practice award scheme for 5 years running. Our acknowledgement of obtaining these awards makes us so proud and also confirms that we are one of the most excellent dental practises in the UK.

  • Treatment coordinator -  to look after all your needs etc link to treatment coordinator

Our treatment coordinator is your first point of contact when you enquire at our practice, whether you want to simply view our practice or are interested in particular treatments our treatment coordinator will steer you in the right direction.
Sometimes people find it easier to talk to a treatment coordinator about their dental concerns rather than the dentist themselves. The treatment coordinator is there to ensure that from the moment you enter Everybody Smiles you have a relaxing and pleasant time.